Greeters this week (5/15)                                                  P. Rose, The Millers 
Greeters next week (5/22)                                         The Seymours, C.Scriber 
~ THIS WEEK at TaB ~
(May 12-21)
Small groups take place in various homes.  Call for more info.  (607-273-2731)
THR – 9:30-10am
Prayer Meeting
THR – 6:00pm
Olympian Closing Program w/ Supper
THR – 8:00pm:  
Vocal choir practice
SUN – 9:30am:
Bible Study Hour for ALL ages
SUN – 10:45am:
Morning Worship
THR (19th) – 11:00am-5:00pm:
Red Cross Blood Drive at TaB.  Walk-ins welcome.
THR (19th) – 7:00pm:
Pastor Paris presents a report on his recent missions trip to East Africa.  All are invited.
May 22 – 12:45pm:  Friends of Jim and Carol McWhirter may join them at The Chinese Buffet at Buttermilk Plaza to renew old friendships.  Sign up at the hall bulletin board or call the church if you would like to be included.
June 3 – 5:00-8:00pm:
Annual Ithaca Festival Parade Outreach.  Free hot dogs and lemonade will be given away from our front lawn.  Our restrooms will be made available to the public.
June 8 – 4:30pm:
Leadership Meeting with Dinner
June 9 – 10:30am:
VBS Team Meeting
June 11 – 2:00pm:
50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration for Rick and Joan Apthorp at TaB hosted by their children and their spouses.  The TaB family is cordially invited to attend.  There will be a sign-up sheet on the hall bulletin board for planning purposes.  No Gifts Please!
June 16 – 11am-5pm:
Red Cross Blood Drive at TaB.  Walk-ins welcome.
August 1-4:
2016 VBS.  The team from Grace Point in Vestal will be helping us once again.  Save the dates and be ready to pitch in and help!  Theme is “Ocean Commotion” from Answers in Genesis.